Revive Revive

REVIVE: a restorative cleanse for the body and mind.

This gentle cleanse aims to strengthen your body with plant nutrition. It will assist in restoring your microbiome, releasing toxic build-up and flood your body with live nutrients. The intention behind REVIVE is to nourish the body so that you can feel clear, energized and vibrant!

Leading up to the cleanse we suggest that you take time to rest, do some gentle stretches and drink lots of water. Focus on adding vs. subtracting live, wholesome foods and eating the rainbow. Food is powerful, food is information and most importantly - food is medicine.

Pick up Day - Thursday November 12th 9am - 3pm

Join us as a community on Friday November 13th as we complete the Revive cleanse.

This package includes:

Nourishing Gut Broth
Cream of Broccoli