The WHOLE Package

This package is designed to improve digestion, increase energy and to help you feel your best!  It includes everything you need to fuel your day. The WHOLE Package has enough food for 1 and/or 3 days: cold pressed juices, a creamy nut milk, chia puddings, energy balls, salads, soups and flu shots. Have it for yourself OR share this package with a loved one.  


1 Day Whole Package includes:
1 Flu Shot
1 Jade
1 Chia Pudding
1 Thai Salad
1 Ivory
1 Vegan Chili


3 Day Whole Package includes: 

1 Nut milk (IVORY)
3 Flu Shots - turmeric, ginger, lemon, carrot, orange, black pepper, cayenne
3 chia pudding
3 x 3 pack of cookie dough energy balls
3 salads (thai salad, taco bowl, chickpea caesar) 
3 x 1 L containers soup (variety pack)


Suggested order:

1. Flu shot + hot water
2. coffee / tea
3. Juice
4. Chia pudding
5. Salad
6. Juice + energy ball
7. Soup
8. Nut milk + energy ball
**Feel free to shift the order around as you wish.

*gluten free, dairy free, plant-based