What is the difference between cold pressed juice and the juice I make at home?

The majority of juicers people have at home are centrifugal, also known as slow pressed juicers. These kinds of juicers use a flat cutting blade that rapidly spins, strains and pushes produce through a tiny hole. During the grinding and blending process, heat is created which introduces oxygen to the juice. This introduction of oxygen can have an adverse affect on the quality and quantity of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the end product.

In an effort to harvest the most concentrated amount of vital enzymes possible, we choose to cold press our juices instead. Cold pressing juice extracts the juice directly from the pulp. Cold pressing does this by juicing at a lower speed and by compressing the vegetables gently, yielding a higher quality and more nutritionally dense juice.

How long will my juice last?

Our cold-pressed juices and nut mylks are live products, and as such have a short shelf life of up to 4 days. As mentioned above, the cold pressed juicing method maximizes and preserves vitamin, mineral and enzyme content. We choose to leave that end product raw and wholesomely pure. We do not pasteurize nor do we add any preservatives to our products. And, while we realize this shortens their shelf life substantially from the juices we’re all used to seeing commercially available, we believe the nutritional benefits make having to savour them sooner than later well worth it!

How many calories are in my juice?

The ingredients in our juice are 100% organic and nutritionally dense, loaded with vitamins and minerals. At HABIT, our philosophy centres around nutrient content rather than counting calories. So sit back and enjoy our juice, knowing you’re nourishing your body in the process.

Why does my juice separate?

Only additives can prevent that natural settling process, and we’re confident our juices are simply better tasting and better nutritionally speaking when left unaltered and in their natural state. Simply give the juice a shake before you enjoy.

Can I drink the juices if I am pregnant?

Consider our juices an excellent addition to a whole food diet while pregnant or nursing rather than a dietary supplement. Detoxifying and cleansing is not advised when you are pregnant or nursing. When toxins are released from tissues into the blood, it is possible for them to reach your baby through either the placenta or breast milk. Caution: all of our juices and nut mylks are not pasteurized.

Is your juice organic?

All of our ingredients are organically sourced from farmers and business who follow organic practices. We know these farmers and businesses personally and we trust them implicitly. The quality of ingredients that go into our juices and nut mylks are of the utmost importance to us.

Where do you get your ingredients?

Sourcing ingredients/supplies from partners we know, trust and who are transparently proud of their practices is essential to our ethos. We are proud to say that our two primary partners are local companies have been and continue to be influential in sustainable agriculture in our community. Local Harvest Market and Anita’s Organic Mill provide the highest quality ingredients for our juices and nut mylks.

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing is an exercise in cleaning the body on a cellular level. Even if you are already careful to avoid processed foods and drinks, other external factors likes stress and pollution can adversely affect your system. Thankfully, our bodies are wise and naturally self-cleanse to a certain extent. However, sometimes they need a reboot or boost to flush out the toxins that can accumulate and cause harm over time.

Our cleanse works to optimize the system believed to boost the activity of enzymes, nourish the body’s most important detoxifying organs and charge you with energy.

A juice cleanse is not about starving the body. Rather, it’s about replenishing the body with much needed nutrients. A juice cleanse will help reset the system and aid in removing accumulated toxins. Naturally, our body simply eliminates acids and toxins by the lungs, the skin, the liver, kidneys and intestines. However, when these systems are overloaded, we begin to feel symptoms such as sluggishness and irritability. By consuming only juiced vegetables, the digestive system is given an opportunity to rest in a sense, and therefore heal. Hydration and nutrition help break down the build up while proper nutrients reach the organs that need support.

In our cleanse, we use a wide variety of vegetables and low-sugar fruits that contain live enzymes and readily absorbable micronutrients and macronutrients.

Can I do a cleanse while on medication or antibiotics?

If you have any medical conditions or are on any medication(s), we strongly advise that you consult your doctor before starting a cleanse.

Shouldn't I be consuming fibre?

There are two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble fibre. Both of these types are important for health, digestion and disease prevention. Insoluble fibre, such as bran, is indigestible. It cannot be broken down or absorbed by your digestive system. Soluble fibre, which is the kind found in our cold pressed juice, attracts water and turns into gel during digestion. Particles and toxins are attracted to this gel during the digestive process and are consequently eliminated from the body.

In what order should I drink my juices?

Feel free to drink your juices in whatever order you’d like! The goal is simply to consume juices as you become hungry throughout the day. The order we suggest is based simply on what we feel would help energize you throughout the day. You are welcome to follow that guideline or alternatively, drink whatever juice you’re craving when you feel hungry.

Will I feel deprived of anything, light-headed or sick during the cleanse?

Each person is unique and will deal with detoxifying differently. As our body releases acids and toxins from the blood, it is possible to experience some discomfort. Toxins and acids will leave the body either through sweat, breath, urine or feces. Common symptoms of detoxification can include headache, irritability and/or mood swings.

While it is possible to feel worse before you feel better, remember cleansing encourages detoxification: a sometimes uncomfortable but helpful step towards improving your overall health and wellbeing. Cleansing also helps you pay to attention to when you feel hungry and can be a great tool in learning to listen to what your body actually needs.

Can I smoke or drink during my juice cleanse?

We hope you know the answer to that one ☺

Will cleansing help me lose weight?

While our cleanse is not a weight loss program, it is important to note that our bodies retain toxins in our fat. As our body detoxifies, our fat cells shrink. This can result in some weight loss. However, short term weight loss is not and should not be the goal of consuming our juice cleanse. Instead, we encourage you to focus on the long term goals of detoxification and rejuvenation. We hope our juice cleanse helps you listen to your body and that the vibrant nutritional benefits of our juices encourage you to pursue healthy eating & lifestyle choices habitually.

Can I drink alcohol, coffee or caffeinated tea while cleansing?

The purpose of a cleanse is to rid toxins from the body. We recommend you eliminate alcohol, coffee, & caffeinated tea a few days before, during and a few days after the cleanse in an effort to feel the full effects of this nutritionally powerful cleanse.

Can I exercise during the cleanse?

Your body will be working hard to start the detoxifying process so it is important to give your body a break when it comes to exercise. We recommend choosing exercises that are less intense like yoga, long walks or some light stretching.

How often can I cleanse?

Traditionally, cleansing happens with the timing of the seasons. Today however, we are overloaded with environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions and psychological stress. Over time, these factors can contribute to toxin build ups in our systems. These toxins deposit in our tissues and can adversely affect our health. Our juice cleanse is replenishing and supportive to the body. It can help reset your system at anytime.